Maintaining Your Lease Units Insect Free

When you own your house, you must ensure that that you keep as many unwanted pests at bay as possible. Having unwanted pests get into your house will not only affect the life of your renter, but also yourself. There are several ways in which you can pest proof your house, and many of them are very affordable.


The last thing you need in your rental unit is mice. They can be a nuisance to your renters, as well as giving you difficulties when it comes to making maintenance. You must ensure that that you consistently look into the structure of the house, to ensure that that unwanted pests cannot get into. This can include checking the cloths board for mouse gaps. Should you come across the presence of this kind of pest, then it is best to call an pest control. However, you should ensure that all gaps are boarded up as soon as possible, in the case that the pest has re-located to another house. This prevents more unwanted pests from coming, obtaining the exact residence.


Bugs can be a nuisance to your house. Creatures such as woodlouses and other roaches can hide into your timber. This can lead to further problems such as woodworm. In the case of this, you may need to exchange your entire floor boards and other broken areas to avoid them from growing. One way to avoid this from happening however is to consistently look into the condition of your timber. Creatures love soft, decaying timber so if you see that the timber within your rentals are decline, it may be a chance to exchange it. This process is relatively simple and cheap. You could always place a re-enforced timber on top of the broken part if replacement is incorrect for the building. This prevents the critters from reaching the broken timber, as they cannot go through the top part.


Warn your renters that leaving meals around for quite a long time could attract insects. Protection is the first step to keeping a pest 100 % free house. Bugs will not settle within the exact residence unless they discover it suitable for their needs. This includes meals, comfort and concealing places. You can eliminate two of these by simply guaranteeing that your renters keep the exact residence clean, with regular checks by your pest control team.